The Ultimate Bulking Guide

The tried, tested and proven way to build lean muscle fast.

Join 10,000s of others; bulk up and build your best physique today.

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The LDNM Bulking Bible


Bulking Guide

Serious about building muscle?
Our Bulking Bible is back! Join 10,000’s of others packing on quality lean muscle today.
With an 18 week fully comprehensive diet and training plan. Featuring all-new, super effective workouts,
nutritional plans and recipes, alongside lifestyle advice and unrivaled support;
It’s easy to see why this is the number #1 bulking guide.
Stop delaying, and start building, muscle, size, and strength now.


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The workouts have been specifically designed and periodized to help you build the maximum amount of muscle and strength. Choose from 3, 4 or 5 training sessions each week, and be in and out of the gym in less than an hour each time.


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options makes your nutrition simple to follow. Easily tailored to your tastes and lifestyle, it ensures you will achieve great results. Packed with recipes, meal ideas and everything you need to know
about supplements, calories & macros too.


We have specifically designed the bulking guide to work around YOUR lifestyle. Alcohol isn’t banned, nor are any foods. We show you how to get amazing results around work, family, social lives and hobbies to achieve the right balance and achieve your goals.


Unrivalled, round-the-clock, personal support and motivation from #TeamLDNM (Max, James, Lloyd & Tom). You will never feel alone or lack motivation with us guys supporting you throughout your transformation and bulking fitness journey.


“I am now 9 kilograms heavier than I was at the start! In the past I’ve always struggled with adding size, not anymore! LDNM is not just a training programme it is also a community and you should become a part of it too!”

“I gained 6 kilograms in lean muscle and hit personal bests in every area… Finally a plan that works around work and social lives but gets results”

“I started at 75 kilograms, and now I weigh 81 kilograms! A diet and training plan I can actually stick to, and the results are epic and easily visible”

The LDNM Bulking Bible


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