Tuna Burgers – the Easy Way!

Sometimes tuna can get a bit dull, so try this recipe to liven up your dishes. You may have noticed the recipes I use don’t tend to be too complicated, with much room for experimentation- this is the same! So there’s ample room to experiment with the LDNM Tuna Burgers Recipe to suit your own taste preferences.


Ingredients (makes 2 burgers):

  • Can of tuna (tuna flakes are best) drained 130g,
  • 1 medium/large whole egg,
  • Finely chopped red onion,
  • Italian herbs.



  • Fully drain then break up tuna in a mixing bowl,
  • Add 1 whole egg,
  • Add finely chopped red onion,
  • Add Italian herbs,
  • Mix all together using fork until even,
  • Shape into two evenly sized burgers,
  • 3-5 minutes (each side) on a pre-heated, medium-high heat pan with half a teaspoon of coconut oil,
  • OR 3-5 minutes in a foreman style grill with a low-kcal olive oil spray.


Calories & Macros (entire batch):

  • 42g of protein,
  • 6g of fat,
  • 0g of carbohydrate.

Ingredients to experiment with:

  • Other herbs and spices,
  • Garlic and white onion,
  • Tabasco and pesto.


These burgers go very well with basmati rice, wholemeal wraps/baps, and a mixed salad; perfect for Cutting or Bulking phases. Have a go and tweet your photos to @LDN_Muscle!

Also for a Thai-Style version click here, and for other equally simple, yet delicious recipes click here.




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5 Responses to “LDNM Tuna Burgers Recipe”

  1. Gary Leader

    These are pukka…can rustle em up in next to no time. I whacked in a whole chilli, some tabasco and garlic and they tasted incredible…I dont even really like tuna if i’m being honest but it will definitely be finding its way in to my diet like this…!

  2. Ross

    Made these tonight after reading about them at the weekend, they were brilliant. Added chilli powder and some chills to make them spicy and with the couscous – brilliant! More recipes like this please guys, makes it so much easier to eat clean!



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