Check out Dan Skuce gaining a whopping 12 KILOGRAMS with our Bulking Bible!

Going from skinny to muscular, Dan has shown that you can build muscle & strength whilst being Vegan with our Bulking Bible, & that the LDNM Guides work for people with all eating requirements.


Daniel’s Bulking Bible Testimonial:

I’d recommend the Bulking Bible simply for its usability & accessibility. The first LDNM Guide I used gave me real confidence when walking into a gym environment for the first time, & the nutritional information was easy to understand (& really well scaled for experience).

I’ve come to recognise the importance of exercise for my mental & physical health. I tend to hit the gym on my way home from work; it gives me some margin time to switch off the work side of my brain before heading home to my wife. Consistency is the biggest key to success. Consistently eating well – & most importantly, enough. Consistently training – even when time is rushed I’ve learned that the 30-40 minutes I might get is better than the 60 mins I wish I had.

About six months before starting the Bulking Bible I went vegan & dropped a lot of weight through simply not paying attention to nutrition. I wasn’t training at all, but has used the original Bulking Bible a few years back & so figured that if I was going to put some size on, get a handle on nutrition again from a plant-based perspective, & work towards some short-term & long term goals, there wasn’t anywhere else I considered looking other than the LDNM Guides!

I’m now a few kg of my heaviest & biggest, but I’m far stronger than I’ve ever been with personal records of 125kg for the Deadlift & 100kg for squats – not bad for a 68kg Vegan!”


The Bulking Bible is the best plan available for build muscle size and strength without getting out of shape. It is also ideal for those of you wishing to be bigger and leaner, as building more muscle and incrementally increasing calories will raise your metabolic rate – making a cutting phase easier and more successful!

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