Try this Back Workout, using the 8-12-15 protocol, with @MB_LDNM

This workout is perfect for those short on time, equipment or simply craving a quick and effective back session!

Here I use the lat pull down machine and one attachment for the first 8-12-15 set, and a singular pair of dumbbells for the second!




The Workout:

This workout comprises of two 8-12-15 tri-sets.

Complete 3-5 rounds of each 8-12-15 tri-set.

This means you complete three exercises back-to-back with minimal rest between each, and then 90 seconds rest between each of these tri-sets;

  • For exercise one you complete 8 reps of a heavy weight,
  • For exercise two you complete 12 reps of a heavy-moderate weight,
  • For exercise three you complete 15 reps of a moderate-light weight.

Go to failure on each exercise of the final 8-12-15 set!


This workout is ideal to hit a high volume of reps in a short period, having worked the back through the horizontal and vertical pulling motions. You can easily pair one or both of these 8-12-15 sets with another muscle group should you wish, and hitting each muscle group 2-3 times per week is most ideal for progress towards your goals.


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