Try this 15 Minute Shoulder Workout today! This workout is perfect to throw in at the end of your workout to get some added volume and growth in those stubborn shoulder muscles.

We have used a triple-set here to maximise the volume whilst minimising training time – making this the ideal 15 minute shoulder workout to add to your routine.


The 15 Minute Shoulder Workout

5 rounds;

  1. 10 x Lateral Raises
  2. 10 x Arnold Press
  3. 10 x Dumbbell Bus Drivers

The Rules:

  • No rest between exercises
  • 90 seconds rest between rounds
  • 15 minutes & a silly shoulder pump!


TGE is wearing our LDNM Baseball Cap, Tech-Fit Tee & Trackies – all ideal LDNM Apparel for representing and standing out from the crowd at the gym or in the street.

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